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All Comments

Are there fat girls who think they are hot?
They have a "hot girl" attitude, but lack the looks. If they are picky, that is fine, but then they need to realize that they can't expect to get the same amount of attention as their hot counterparts.

I have noticed an increasing amount of these fat girls with hot girl attitude, turning down guy after guy and what not. and I've seen those same girls COMPLAIN about not getting attention the way their hot friends do. Again, it is fine for them to be picky, but they cannot expect to get the same amount of attention as their hot counterparts.

So what is the deal with these girls? Do they actually think they are hot? Because clearly they are looking for guys, else they wouldn't complain. Clearly they are upset and do not know why they have less success.
Meh, I think that confidence can make you attractive. But its shallow to think that everyone has the same standard of beauty. Someone may find her attractive, some may not. Some "pretty" girls may be considered ugly by some. Just a matter of perspective. Just because they are fat doesnt mean that they don't have standard for a good guy. They want someone who will like them just like their skinnier counter parts. Quit the shallow attitude, you will only make yourself look bad.
How come all the hot girls suck and have no personality and all the fat girls are cool but fat?
Is it that hard to be in shape, smart, intelligent, and have a personality?
You sound really shallow.
I dont attract hot girls but will I still attract fat chicks?
According to Mystery and playa's guide etc, you will only need to work to attract girls 7 and up (aka a HB - hot body)
So I'm wondering - does that mean I should be able to attract fat girls without having to do anything?

Also aren't they more desperate than hot girls who always seem to have boyfriends
This is wrong on so may levels.

If you're classing girls as 'hot' or 'fat' then I really suggest you think about this carefully before trying to inflict yourself upon anyone.

RESPECT is where you need to start. Not silly sexist handbooks on how to get some. That's very sad.

You'll get further if you sort your superficial issues out first!

Good luck!
Is it like cultural taboo for hot girls to date fat guys?
So I'm about 260 pounds of fat and muscle combined. I am wondering if my size is considered a turnoff for girls.
if your personality is great then it wouldnt matter to nice hot girls. only those vain jerk girls consider physical appearance to be most important
Why do the fat guys get the hot girls and the fat girls get nothing?
'tis not fair :(
I am a large woman and the man I am with is not a large man. He thinks I am beautiful and does not think I am fat at all. I think he is blind personally, but we had his eyes checked.

It is just the men you are around. I am betting you are young, as you get older you will learn, men will appreciate more important things like brains, conversation and your ability to cook!
Have you noticed how fat girls talk about modesty, religion and other nonsense when discussing hot girls?
its like they want pretty girls to hide their bodies just like fat girls have to also
Is it true that a lot of the hot girls get fat from sophomore to junior year?
In high school.
There is validity to that, but it evens out. Meaning girls that were not hot get hot.
Why is it that ugly, fat girls are more shallow than hot girls?
I talk to hot girls all the time, and they are really nice, but when i ask a ugly, fat girl a question, they are mean and shallow (THIS HAS HAPPENED ON MANY OCCASIONS) thanx for your feedbakk!
MAybe because they sense you think that they are ugly and fat.
Hot girls designated ugly fat friend?
Any girls who have a DUFF could you please explain why you have them?

Why not a designated hot friend?

Whay are they always fat and ugly?
so the other friend looks better by comparison...sad isnt it...
Do you think fat girls are hot or ugly?
This is a poll, and im just wondering if she had a pretty face but was fat.
she hot or not?
I think that there is a lot more that makes someone hot besides their weight...I know lots of big girls that are absolutely beautiful

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